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New Awkward Life

Heyya. Im having my semester break now. it will be about two months. Currently i am having my practical training. Strange to blend in in working environment but somehow i manage to go through for two weeks now. And the sisters and brothers are so friendly..thank you ;))

During my free time i spend my time playing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney game. I has finished the first squeal. Now playing the second sequal on second issue concerning Maya and the nurse ghost. I stopped yesterday cz i am toooooo tired. Today I spend most of my time listening to smooth/slow jazz and watching Pinocchio *K-drama* Thumbs up ;)

Im not feeling so well. Feeling sick ;(
FYI its been a while i stopped playing The Sims 3 since i sent my laptop for cleanup *formatted*. Maybe i'll reinstalled em later. For now i have The Sims 4 installed but I've been focusing on other things. Mybe start focusing on building my life. And start leaving behind games and childplay.